Friday, July 8, 2016

Recent painting 2016
more images of available work upon request
Please note that it is summer - I am out chasing light and trying to paint air.

"The Summerwind"
oil on canvas 
16 x20" 

Return to me
16 x20

The Flower Market
10 x 10 

8 x 10 

long remembered place
12 x 9

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reflection of a working artist on an absent 2015: 

Can you live without the internet...yes, but you can also live on a deserted island. 
Last year I discovered in the world of internet connection there are deserted islands and these islands not only occur in Mountain Valleys or desolat sublime  reaches of nature. They occur on the borderlands of Iowa.  Yes - if you do not have a direct line your ship is sunk- at least that is feeling. At first you are thinking ok- you have this- you will find your way back. Off you go in search of hotspots- discovering pitfalls-  plastic toys banging against tables at Libraries, coffee shops  closing after your computer has finally completed its update and now must shutdown and restart. Three stages of grief are involved. The final one of acceptance kicked in just before Christmas were getting wired meant a string of lights for the window ( and a shot of Trader Joe's Borbon). 

My deserted island is a charming farmstead in the middle of Iowa cornfields.  
What did I miss the most- besides friends? 
Art videos and documentaries. 
What was the biggest pitfall ? 
Opportunities that are necessary to a working artist. 
The Gain... with harsh road conditions this winter over a hundred successful paintings created... ( the framing was something else). 
Several paintings were started and are just waiting to be finished - and for the last two weeks I have enjoyed thoroughly seeing friends again and making new ones. Add to that delivering new works to several galleries in the region- but that is another story.  Posted : West Okoboji Lake Iowa.

March 2016 Black Hills SD

4 x4 " oil 

16 x 20 oil

2.5 x3.5" oil 

Moonrise June 7 2016 Okoboji

West Okoboji June 8th 2016 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It is an honor to announce this exhibition features artwork focused specifically on the nation's great western parks including a 11 x14" oil painting completed in the Badlands National Park as part of a grant project through the South Dakota Artists Grant program.. My thanks to my mentor Bonnie Casey and the South Dakota Arts Council.

Closing on Feb. 23, the Phippen Museum in Prescott is presenting its "National Parks of the West" exhibition featuring dozens of works gathered mostly from private and National Park Service collections.
Only four come from the Phippen's own collection.
Artists on exhibition include Thomas Moran at the entrance to the exhibit, along with works by Charles Dorman Robinson, Gunnar Widforss , Louis Akin Ray Swanson,  Bill Anton, Bonnie Casey and Robert Peters.

To read more:

Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier
Artists, docents, and invited guests walk through the new exhibit, “National Parks of the West” on Nov. 1, during a special preview at the Phippen Museum’ in Prescott. Below, artist Don Rantz talks about his Canyonlands National Park-based piece, “Sunset on Canyonlands.”