About The Artist

Distinguished by a classic use of color notes and composition -her works have an emotion of place and time. Her preferred medium is oil paint; however, she is fluent in most mediums and subjects, working either on location or in her studio on 8th Street.
"  It is noted that my style of work favors an American Impressionism and Representational lines. Both give me the foundation I need to express the feeling of life. 

A recent exploration of sketchbooks and notes going over “a couple of decades” (close to four) - I saw “a river’s current” to bring life’s experiences together. Experiences of technology - the fact that the westerns I grew up with -contained nonsense about my native neighbors and friends -as well as women. A geeky appreciation I have for arts- history, nature- and just about any form of music. I am one of those individuals quite content and happy alone - or in a social setting- contemplating the underlying current of how did we get here - pondering what the days ahead will bring. No, I am not looking for a date in this profile - I just think everyone of us -contemplates- and brings our life to the table-. It is always about the spirit of place -and I never painted a thing that did not touch my soul- and fill my heart -the results are paintings- drawings and notes from explorations by a fifty-something west river women from Medicine Creek transplanted on the banks of the Big Sioux River.

Born June 9, 1963 -
Hometown- Vivian, South Dakota
Years Professionally Active 1986-
Collections that purchased work directly from the artist are:
Sioux Falls Air Port
Washington Pavilion
Center for Western Studies
Wood Fuller and Schultz
Sanford Heart Hospital,
South Dakota Art Museum
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society ( Signature Artist)
Women Artists of the West
The Dahl
New Orleans Artists Guild
 Augustana College