Museums and Artists

As with most artists, I have a deep love for the culture, and desire to share it with others, so I have added this page of sites to visit for enjoyment as well as enrichment. There will be additions to the page as I go along.

The National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI), where artworks from the 'Golden Age' of
illustration are presented in the 'Gilded Age' architectural frame of Vernon Court. Visitors can appreciate our American Imagist Collection as a medley of beautiful pictures, but also as an historical overview of our unique culture.

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An Acquiring Mind: Philippe de Montebello and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There will be a brief advertisement with this video.
To watch directly on YouTube clink on the link below.

 During his tenure, Mr. de Montebello guided the acquisition of more than 84,000 works of art from around the globe, demanded innovation in conservation techniques and oversaw the doubling of the physical size of this world-renowned cultural institution.