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It is another season of painting, the first to follow the two decades since my "first brush" with oil. If you are like me- paint almost everyday, using what you have, you will always need to replace your gear-perhaps with what can be called a bit of Artist Bling. Some of you are just starting and finding out what a big world the art supply market is- it can be daunting.... for my friends and patrons who like to have what I make, this may provide some insight onto the other side of what goes into making art- so looking around the big virtual I thought I would share a few "gear" links that I have liked.

All the same it is all in fun.
Plein Air Umbrellas  

Missing the umbrella acquired  over a decade ago -it's last use was Ghost Ranch New Mexico where an irreplaceable part was lost in Box Canyon  -  

The umbrellas last use was at Ghost Ranch New Mexico Oct 2000 where an irreplaceable part was lost in Box Canyon.
My guess is the ghost of Georgia O'Keefe took off with it as a token for drawing her mountain. Small price if you ask me. 

I have been making do since. However these sites are providing potential options!

The video demonstrates the Best Brella -- an easel umbrella for artists who paint outdoors.
An Enlightening and entertaining Blog - at least to us artists-  on Umbrellas 
Dakota Art Pastels offers the Shadebuddy Umbrella  noted as an easy and economical means to provide shade for you and your easel without putting the easel at risk of wind gusts.
Please note as of yet I have not acquired any of the Umbrellas listed, I am shopping around yet, and these are just the contenders.

 Upcoming :  Pochade Boxes and Easels
Time for a new pochade box or easel