Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Tribute Exhibition & Sale of Regional & Western Art
from the
Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Gibbs Collection
June 7 -August 25, 2012

At The Center for Western Studies

Madsen/Nelson/Elmen Galleries 
The show is free and open to the public.
The Center for Western Studies is at 2121 S. Summit Ave

Former CWS Art Committee chair Frank Gibbs, and Jan Gibbs enjoyed collecting American West and Regional Art. In recognition and tribute to their work with the art community, the CWS is exhibiting their collection during the summer of 2012. These noted Sioux Falls Residents are pleased to share their collection with their fellow South Dakotans. The exhibition will be guest
Curated by South Dakota artist N.M. Huehl.

Exhibition includes American Artists Harvey Dunn, Oscar Howe, Robert Penn, Ace Powell, and Ramon Kelly and Vladan Stiha, Rosemary Millette,
Ace Powell, C.M. Russell, Harold Von Schimdt, Charles P. Cross, Ramon Kelley, Dan McCaw, Carl Kouba, Chas Craig, Gerry Metz, Robert Penn,
Seth Eastman, Tom Lea, Donald Montileaux, Nancyjane Huehl, John Wilson, John Green, Larry Green, Gerry Punt, Henry Rezac, Bob Schriver, O.C. Seltzer, Joanne Bird, Lorence F Bjorklund, and Reynolds Brown.

Curators Note:

Frank and Jan Gibbs began actively collecting works of art almost fifty years ago, with a focus on western illustration. Frank had a keen sense for American History, often referencing his personal library in preparing papers for presentations he would give at the Center for Western Studies. In their time of collecting Frank and Jan formed close ties with the artists and the galleries that they purchased from- friendships that still last today. Much of this collection will be available for purchase. Several of the works have, at this date, been sold. It is a wonderful oppurtunity to see artworks of this caliber in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Several works where aquired from Walt Reed's Illustration House Gallery, New York- New York.

O.C. Seltzer

“They might be from San Francisco, but they’re really South Dakotans,” said Gifford, 53, who was born and raised here along with her three siblings. Gifford now lives in Ohio, and the other three have moved as well.
After Frank began his own law practice, the couple became acquainted with the art community and hit on the idea of opening a gallery when they retired. They started going to art shows around the region. “Western art was so different than anything we ever had ever seen. Since were were going to be in the west, we decided to collect it,” Gibbs explained.
The collection represents decades of western art collected with a personal touch, Thompson said. “Frank and Jan have been longtime residents and were deeply involved with the youth here. He knew many of the artists. They played a role in the cultural life of Sioux Falls.”

barb gifford